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There is so much junk out there… so many possibilities… so many useless, yet valuable parts. Think about it, everybody is looking through junk to find that diamond in the rough. JunkDemon aims at being exactly that. 

A P2E game with a sustainable economy system where earnings require skill, strategy and vision. You are a new demon, spawned through the mysterious portal into the junkyard. Your goal is to dig for wealth through mountains of junk, conquer your neighbors, forge alliances with other demons and rule the junkyard as the Demon Kind. 

The JunkDemon team loves games, love crypto and loves having fun. Why not do all of them at the same time? That is our goal and JunkDemon will deliver it! 

Phase 1

Website launch
dApp development
P2E game development
Discord and Telegram setup
Pre-launch marketing
Community building

Phase 2

dApp launch
Demon Box presentation video
V1 P2E game development
V1 P2e game Beta testing
Pre-launch marketing
Private sale whitelist campaign

Phase 3

V1 P2E game release to
VIP members
Token Contract development
Private sale
Public sale whitelist campaign
Public sale
Prelaunch marketing
Live Launch!

Pre-launch distribution

Private Sale: 10%
Public Presale: 15%
Post Launch Ilo: 5%
Circulating Supply: 30%
Dig Pool: 40%


Buy Tax: TBA
Sell Tax: TBA

Tax Distribution

Liquidity: TBA
Dig Pool: TBA
Marketing: TBA
Dev Wallet: TBA

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